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Dale Carey
Dale Carey
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why can i not attack higher lvl computer rogues bases cause i was attacking lvl 28 and 29 this morning and when i got back on when i got off work i can only attack lvl 20 and 21 thats crap. And when i go to build my army i can only build heavy gunners and everything else besides for the rocket men when i click on the to build it comes up 1 credit but there are under 5 minutes why are they not free cause i thought they have to be free if their under 5 minutes the time period on them is 3 min and 45 sec and it says one credit per guy
  • Tony Hansen
    Tony Hansen
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    They released a new update that nerfed a lot of the most popular units. Also the rocketmen free issue has been this way for a couple of weeks. The reason they did that was because ppl were spamming rocketmen
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  • Mike Thomson
    Mike Thomson
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    If you destroy those bases the levels should go back to normal however the bases will have different troops and mines now.

    That's what it's been like the past few times they changed the npc levels like that as they do it to add the new stuff but it's quick getting back where you were.
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