my base v1.2

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hi, I finnaly got to work and got a picture of my base.eiql9u.jpg
please tell me anything I could improve ;)

also posted on the Command Center
still writing in purple -_-

image tags :cool: >[IMG][/IMG]

my base o.O
don't worry, we all have off days - when I have mine I just ban everyone on the forum...
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    meh idk how to make good bases :P
    schlenkerm wrote: »
    they should have a monster that has a portal gun!!! or like a catapault option wheree you shoot a portal at a place, and then all the portal monsters teleport there :)
    I'm serious. Ask Bryan Mymiddlenameislong Truong.
    I'm loved :D
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    Your turrets are spread to thin, you can't help it at your level but focus on overlapping mortar and gun turret ranges. Really a good base just needs to have overlapping defenses. Personally I overlap my towers in pairs and then throw in armor, heavy gunners and rocket launchers for good measure.
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