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tim leach
tim leach
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all lv 6 towers for some reason people keep getting in with 4 waves of attacks
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we are aware of this, that is why the message and image shows.

Is my base good 8 votes

CMPCXY385 1 vote
needs work
Kev YuTheTrueForceSwift776Bird1sTheWordShadowZzZ 5 votes
I can get through
PharaohFieryLight 2 votes
  • A Joel Chia
    A Joel Chia
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    Any base can be killed in 4 waves. Anyway, move your resources nearer to your towers to protect them.
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  • Swift776
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    needs work
    Defend your power plants like you would defend your CC. If both power plants are destroyed (in most cases) during a battle, your turrets will operate at 25%, and that can be fatal.
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  • Jangooon
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    It's average I guess, but you only have 5 storage and 2 of those are unprotected
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