Coming Back After 5 Years

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Hi general question really, I step away from the game 5 years ago at level 40/41, Got sick of the constant upgrading and big imbalance in the game back then in favour of Kixeye, I know none of the clans I was with at the time aren't running no more and I'm wondering since I left has the game balanced, No way should u have 3 to 5 days of repairs when attacking a Hero Base or Extra Large Thorium, The Game is suppose to be P2P not P2K, So is it now Farm Commander or is It Back as A War Game

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  • DISCO99
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    All farm and grind
  • Lonly Knight
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    better quit again .... it didnt get any better then 5y ago.... back then it was fun... game is filled with idiots and no brainers.  if you wanna have fun go play outside. 

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    i am trying to get back on this game war commader after 6yers ago 
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