Blood thorium

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Wht up with blood thorium only get one a day and already up to silver league? Also in shadow op why so hard to get rhodium exoskeleton for commandant done 6 base only communion for that unit?
  • leigh5
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    after 12 hours the warpath progress bar resets. if your online when the timer gets down to zero then you need to refresh for the bar to reset. sometimes you need to close your browser and re open for the bar to reset. As for shadow ops bases the prizes are only the gold tech for the new units which is why you wont get the exoskeleton. to get that you will have to get it from the gear store now
  • it will fitz
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    yet another ... not understanding the game post
  • Carl_S165
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    I am talk about part for comandant that in shadow hard to get the exoskelton part hard to find get every other part but tht one
  • general 4m0
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    when will the Blood thorium payout be fixed I didn't get 12 from the last one and this time too I missed 12 it shows 0 but the metals came
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