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Can kixeye stop adding all these colors to auras its quite annoying when you got an OP gun shooting at you its piss yellow and you got all these white auras green auras now a blue aura and you cant tell if your in the yellow piss aura that stops the guns from firing. it sure screws a hit 

Also, why is it that i have a full fleet of infils one is in back to catch that op aura and the gun still fires at the fleets in front. is it broken? has something changed? quite annoying 
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    Talking of aura:  When a base is very complicated in that manner, my own system has crashed just to watch a battle

    The game is over 10 years old, & taking a lot more resources to run.

    TRD (the OP weapon you're talking of) is meant to target the hull furtherest away from it; it MAY be that the hull concerned isn't in range of the TRD.
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    I agree with the complaint but the auras being displayed has a strategic purpose. I do believe the use of some of the auras should be capped because as mentioned in another comment they are very taxing on a PC and I have a very Overpowered machine for this game watching some battles zooming in or out comes with a severe lag delay (a couple seconds of frozen screen)


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    It would be nice if there was a little more logic to them. I get the use of colours, its more differentiating between building hull turret and "fitting"
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