Screen goes black during battle!!

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Many times my PC screen goes black in middle of a battle!
Have contacted support several different times about this issue BUT the only response I get is that "issue will be pased along to game developers".
Support, it would seem, don't know how to fix this issue.
Wonder if anyone in the community have had this issue and/or have an idea how to fix it.
And "yes", I have an up to date PC.
  • ThePrimate
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    Have you tried a different browser? A lot of players use either Chrome or Opera GX. Any programs running in the background whilst you play? Have you got up to date video drivers installed? If your answers to all these are yes then sorry I'm stumped.
  • Chazzar Burnham
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    You didn't mention if you are using the Onboard Graphics Card or have an Actual Video Card in the slot.  I had the same issue a few months ago, I updated all the video drivers and it helped a little but not a full fix - Then I installed a new graphics card and used the latest driver update and it has never happened again.  I feel your pain, but it's not a Kixeye Issue, it's a PC Issue.

    If you know the brand of your video card, go the site and download the driver package - the Radeon Driver package will detect your Video Card and load the correct drivers automatically - it's Painless, Try It!
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