Today in the WC Universe During Operation: Infernal Machinations. Facing off Mutoto

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Story post ahead. If you're not interested in the story, please ignore this post.

Mission Target (1)

Infiltrator: Commander, we have discovered a large disturbance in a thorium rich region.

We believe it is Mutoto experimenting with thorium.

Andrew: These readings are off the charts. What could he be doing?

Matt: Look closer at these readings. This data is being muffled.

Is there a massive concrete structure in this region?

Neil: Negative. I flew over there recently and witnessed nothing like that.

Matt: Then there is only one reason for this. This lab is deep underground.

Where are Leonard and Malcolm?

Laura: Scouting a base. They have reports of multiple factions congregating.

Andrew: Who is at the table?

Laura: Gemini, Jeremiah, Odin, and... Kane?

Andrew: Mutoto must have something important. Something they want.

Mission Target (2)

Arietta: LENNY! MALCO! Wazzup walkers? Got some deets from HQ for ya!

Leonard: Arietta? Copy, what's going on?

Malcolm: I'm glad you understood that, because that made no sense to me.

Arietta: They think they found Mutoto in some cave. Sending coords your way!

Leonard: We can travel across the mountains to get there. Hope you brought a jacket.

Malcolm: That will take days. We can cut through the thorium mines.

The Eastern Horde delved too greedily and too deep.

...and has to evacuate the tunnels.

Leonard: Sounds like nothing can go wrong!

Mission Target (3)

Leonard: Looks... not abandoned?

Malcolm: By all reports they should have left. The earthquakes here are too intense.

Leonard: Oh now you tell me.

Malcolm: They don't appear to be very reinforced, they might be unprepared for us.

Leonard: Did they just get here, or are they planning on leaving?

Malcolm: Either way, Mutoto must need more thorium badly.

Leonard: Any risk in him rushing thorium production?

Malcolm: Yeah, if he isn't careful it will turn into blood thorium.

Highly volatile and hard to contain.

Leonard: Would he... do that on purpose?

Malcolm: If he's using blood thorium, he must need a higher density power source.

Leonard: I'm not sure I like where this is going.

Mission Target (4)

Mutoto: Leonard, Malcolm. It has been a long time.

Leonard: Mutoto. Although no longer a child.

Malcolm: Still just as brutal I see. What are you doing with all this thorium?!

Mutoto: The land must be purged. I've seen visions of the end times.

Leonard: The end times are happening, thanks to you!

Mutoto: No, calamity looms. An event to make the Great War seem peaceful.

Thorium powers the visions. It also... gives me more strength.

Leonard: Is he... teleporting units onto the battlefield?

Malcolm: That must be his plan for thorium, using its quantum properties...

...he could theoretically teleport his troops... anywhere.

Mission Target (5)

Matt: Leonard? Malcolm? What happened down there?

Leonard: Bad news. Mutoto is using massive amounts of thorium to create wormholes.

Matt: Wormholes... through time?

Leonard: No, through space. We need to stop him before he overwhelms the Sector.

Malcolm: He mentioned visions. We know that thorium powers his clairvoyance.

I'm worried that blood thorium has corrupted his visions.

Leonard: The end of times he saw might be from blood thorium?

Matt: That tank you saw was only a prototype. I will search the data for the real one.

Mission Target (6)

Malcolm: This is it. Time to stop this madness.

Leonard: Despite what he's done, it's hard to see him like this. He's not himself.

Malcolm: He's beyond redemption, nothing you can do now.

Matt: His tank is at full power now. Your forces might not be enough.

Infiltrator: We have no one else we can send!

Neil: I'm seeing... someone approaching, not sure if they're friendly so watch out.

Make that two!

Deena: Don't recognize an old friend?

Neil: Deena??

Deena: Looks like Corpus finally decided to get a backbone and face Mutoto!

Hannibal: Mutoto, you've gone too far!

Mutoto: ...Hannibal? You... you're alive! I saw visions of your death!

Hannibal: I... am not Hannibal anymore. I'm still Chris, I've been Chris this whole time!

Mutoto: I won't listen to you! You're supposed to be dead! You all will die!

Deena: Let's lock and load, this is the battle to save the Sector!

If you see any difference from the in-game version it's cause I tried to correct it and/or make it sound better as best I could.

Also since the forums is getting nuked, there probably won't be a 2022 story recap post cause the links will be gone by then.
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    TY, great Job!!!

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    you may want to back up all these posts somewhere because they are transitioning the forums to discord  
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    @jihn989 said:
    you may want to back up all these posts somewhere because they are transitioning the forums to discord  

    I already saved all posts from 2018 all the way to now (all that's left are the 2017 storylines)

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    I left in 2015 and only came back last year, so compilations like these would be great for someone like me that missed out a lot. Granted, I'm more interested in the game's lore and story than its gameplay.
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