500,000 points

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edited 13 Nov 2022, 9:34AM
I know you guys mean well, But seriously 500k points isnt chit. What can anyone or I buy with that.... The 12 hour repair token is nice. I would prefer say 5 hour repair tokens. Thank you for the nice gesture 
  • D-Rat
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    Whatever the problem was they say was fixed, but the damage increased while they fixed it.

  • Sputnik001
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    Especially if youre a lucky player NOT in Alpha!!!!
  • MasterTR
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    Betetr give us 3 x 4 hours Kix!
  • MillionDlrBil
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    Spose they coulda given you a million dollars too? And a house by the lake? 

    Closing, thanks for the feedback. 
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