Air Units Spreading Out ??

Vintage StudMuffin
Vintage StudMuffin
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Does anyone know how to make your Air Units spread out like you can do with ground units by using "Shift + X"

The problem is when I deploy 10 Air Units they are all bunched up until I manually spread them. During that time they all take damage at the same time if something attacks them until I can get them spread out.

Hope this makes sense......

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  • BuckMann
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    Get them moving then hit x
  • NDysan
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    BuckMann said:
    Get them moving then hit x
    However, usually I find that (and this can apply to ground units too), you need to actually first move them a bit, then hitting the X key will allow them to spread out. Not sure why this has to be done, but that's what I have noticed. And of course, conversely, pressing the A key and moving is great for pulling all selected units into a tight formation as well as moving aggressively to the selected position, so hit the S or D key as required.
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