Is There a Limit to # of repeats on Challenge Track? Can't reset

Andre Mann
Andre Mann
Joined Jul 2015 Posts: 15
Have been trying for two days to restart the Challenge Track but no luck.  Ground out the Mission track and am fed up with it -- takes a long time and very low XP.

Is there a limit to the number of times you can do the Challenge Track?
  • Scott_W536
    Joined Apr 2015 Posts: 10
    no limit that I've experienced, but you do have to complete thru Challenge IV to repeat.
  • Theodore Wood
    Theodore Wood
    Incursion Leader
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    try clearing history and cookies happened to me cleared up after I deleted history and cookies

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    I do not work for kixeye nor am I a moderator
    I will copy and paste from faq,I dont want it to seem as I work for them
    to put in a support ticket 
    include any screenshots you have and players id
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