I wonder what happened to the HUGE payout on xp

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Just wondering what happened, is it a glitch that after main track and 1 to 4 challange bases payout is 725K? Or is this the huge payout? 

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    yes. the 4th base giver 125 k xp. if you pay attention, you would see that you received 400k xp after completing challenge 4. 125,000 plus 275,000 equals 400,000 xp. after completing the 4th base, you can beat the 5th one for 275k xp/ but imo, its not worth it. better to save units for doing 1-4 again than doiung challenge 5. but if you want to do it, go for it
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    There is no huge payout of XP, it is 1 million for a full run on mission and challenge track and that besides all those prises, what do need nearly 1 million XP or more. 
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    total of 90K on main track  :tired_face:
    when everything else even garbage cost 200K+
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