Today in the WC Universe During Nightmare: Ghosts of the Past. Kane rises from the dead

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Story post ahead. If you're not interested in the story please ignore this post.

Zombie Target (1)

Kane: By god what year is it?

Feels like I've been asleep forever.

Did I even wake up last year?

... hhrrrggg my... bbrrraaaiinn is killing me!

Logan! Where are you?

Logan! **** that ungrateful nerd. Never listened to me anyway.

I can always rely on Bub! Bub where are you??

Bub you honkin galoot, I can't hear you!

Zombie: Hnnnggh

Kane: Good lord you're ugly, who are you?

Zombie: Errgg...

Kane: Harold?? You've really let yourself go man. Where's Bub and Logan?

Harold: ...Grrrooo

Kane: They left?? Logan was my best recruiter... At least I still have Nox!

Harold: ...ruuhhhggggh

Kane: He ghosted us!!!

Zombie Target (2)

Zombie: arrgrhhh

Dr. Logan: What is it now?

Zombie: kaarrrggh

Dr. Logan: What's that? Kane has finally risen and is coming after the Commander?

The Commander is in danger. Oh no. Bub is in danger too.

Bub come quickly I need to talk to you!

Bub: Bub come quickly.

Dr. Logan: Kane has awoken and is coming for us. We have to get ready to fight.

Bub: Bub miss Kane.

Dr. Logan: Remember what Kane did to you?

Bub: ...hmm, Bub hate Kane!

Zombie Target (3)

Kane: Did we ever figure out what caused my return?

Seems I showed up pretty randomly.

Harold: Morrggggh

Kane: Mutoto is experimenting with thorium?

In order to power his psychic powers?

And he inadvertently caused spacetime rifts?

Harold: Deeerrggg

Kane: Oh, that's the plot for the next event? I won't tell anyone.

I'm pretty sure this is an alternate reality anyway.

Since nothing we do here seems to matter anyways.

Attack dog: I couldn't agree more, Kane!

If you see any difference from the in-game version it's cause I tried to correct it and/or make it sound better as best I could. 

Professional Fangirl uwu
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