UK lost an hour

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seeing as we lost an hour now i cant get all my parts are you going to compensate ..........i dont want no **** comments from the mods either . that extra hour would have helped a lot ty
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    but did you also start an hour earlier though? idk just asking
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    Im in UK and i dont see how we lost an hour. OK the clocks went back an hour 2am Sunday morning and the event finished at 5pm ( uk time ) on Monday instead of 6pm, but you gained that hour on Sunday, you could have played an hour extra Saturday night knowing the clocks were going back at 2am and basically the whole of Sunday you had gained an hour because of clocks going back. You wont get. neither do you deserve compensation for this, the  fact you couldnt get all your parts is entirely on your time management of event. 
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    the servers run on PDT time zone ......

    if the UK decided to add days, for instance, calling today (Nov 1st) a different day, say Nov 3rd ..... would that mean the UK starts the next event today?

    or if they decided to make today Nov 1st ... 2033 

    basically the servers run on their own time, and everyone has the same amount time .... say 48 hours ... what your local time is, is irrelevant to the servers time ... 48 hours is 48 hours
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