How to olay warcommander iphone 11?

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how to play warcommander iphone11 ? i ned deskop version game to play iphone browser?
  • BritannianLord
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    if you can afford an iPhone, you can afford a pc/laptop. 


  • Darkshadows2069
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    The game was not designed to be played on a phone/tablet,  You can try using the chrome/firefox browser and go in to the options and set to to act like a desktop mode,   Just remember this if you run into any problems support will not be able to assist you as  it is an unsupported platform.

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  • Robert_H3593
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    Dont bother!!!
  • The_Real_Brotherhood
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    i do this on my mobile as well. but not good for anything other than setting upgrades and doing resource runs on auto. go into a browser, i use google chrome, and do it on desktop mode. it will be slow and laggy though and wont fit the screen right. but the older the phone the worse it will be. it will also overheat ur phone big time so dont spend too much time on it on mobile
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