EVENT Damage Buff stuck at 4%

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I have been whacking about 2 dozen level 4, highest level shadown opp bases to try and get Event damage buff up to 6%, stuck on 4%, what gives!
  • Darkshadows2069
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    It only increases the 2% each new phase of shadow ops. When you complete that phase it will increase.. it is not bases on the number of bases you hit. 
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  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    the % is based on the phases, each phase gets 2%

    it has always been this way ..... always 

    yes 6% it the 'usual' but 4% as well as on rare occasions 8%

    it has never been based on how many bases we hit, if it was some of us would have 90%+ buffs

    it has always been this way ..... always

    and for this one 4% is normal

    not stuck .... always been like this
    not a glitch ... always been like this
    not a mistake .... always been like this

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