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Any chance of updating the INTEL and RAID bases and prizes given - perhaps add tokens for other legendary units, in addition to ones already given. 
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    It is on the list  of things to be worked on, At this time it is not a game breaker.. And there are legendary bases or the older  units that come out on the map, example  are devouts, hover tanks etc.   the only ones you do not see on the base are the  mega tanks, hellfires and lazer tanks which are done through raids.

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    it will fitz
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    I totally understand why you posted this and it would be nice to get the other tokens from the raids

    I do raids all the time, not foe tokens (I have like 200 of each of the 3 in there), I do them for the War effort supplies

    but, as the expression goes ...

    careful what you wish for ....

    right now raid and intel bases are very easy, rubi bases .... if they were to add, say the L devouts and the others, I would expect for raid bases upgraded to the level of the current L Devout bases (which are not very hard but way way harder then the current raid/intel bases) 
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