Conqueror fleet levels

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My fleet of 4 Winterfangs and 1 Helios are all U1 and have a level 5328. Until recently my attackers were about the same level. Recently, however my attackers are hitting my base with similar fleets, 5 Winterfangs U1 but they show a level of 6328.  What am I missing ?? What can I do to get MY fleets up to 6328?
  • Battle Pirates 2013
    Battle Pirates 2013
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    Tier 11 invader armors...

    Invader plate C-11, Invader plate R-11, and Invader plate X-11

    Each armor plate adds 50 million health to your ships.
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    As the above said, it's new armours

    A fleets' level is determined by its healthpool/hit points. Armour obviously adds to it.

    How did the fleet perform? Flattened you? If so, how badly? Feedback on your experience?
  • Captain_Ahab18
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    Thanks for the input, guys.  I did get flattened a couple of times, not causing enough damage on attackers.  New armor should help my attack fleets.
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