hero event and bases difficulty v reward

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if the bases grow in difficulty then the reward should grow with it yet the first 3 bases are the same XP reward, i dont see why i should grind 2 extra bases for the same reward... when i can just farm base 1 over and over... 
also the cost of older hero's is ridiculous that includes the upgrade tokens and tech all over priced, the tokens should be half the amount of the unit in xp and the tech a third of the original price to make it WORTH grinding the event or medal bases as the cost in medals is also out of date and over priced! for tech and tokens...
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    Bonus Base ???
  • Perry299
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    U get up to a 250% xp boost by doing rounds, that is the carrot...

    All these events have never been about difficulty, its about having a plan and the time to get what u need.

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    it dont make sence how base 1,2 and 3 all reward same amout of XP 
  • it will fitz
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    if you can not to the final bonus base, just repeat the first base

    it is doable with the free hero offer (lvl 38 was bragging how they got the new hero with the free units)

    it was offered in the offer section on the right side, where all offers are, scroll through them, I did not need them and I got the offer (I already have them all) as well as all other alts and lower players

    good luck

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    If you complete the first 2 waves of units and then destroy the base before the 3rd wave ends you get more XP. You gain the first 2 waves points on top of the total for 3 waves.
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