Stuck units on showdown base I

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Far top left side of the showdown base I always get stuck enemy units that can't move so i either end attack and start again or go through the sides kill it and take more dmg. Kixeye should fix this issue as it is a minor one but really annoying and affects the gameplay.

Either add more land space between the top left and top right side or do something that won't get the enemy units stuck 
  • Andre-legion8
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    I am experiencing the same, although I can't actually see where the units are.  So will look next time.  Had to destroy the base.  Very annoying.
  • ekfarooqui
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    Same is happening with me got a lot of damage
    had to scrap and build the heros again
    clear out any of this bases is hard choice when you don't have level 6 braden or forest so keep trying base 1 until got 5 token for braden and just clear out all 4 bases including bonus with only 10/12 min dmg on braden wait for 5/7 min or scrap/build braden again don't forget to apply  workshop
  • Soulbraker
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    i better kill base easy and fast when have no time
  • Harley111
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    Same happened to me, so I ended up clearing the base.  The point is that it isn't working correctly

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