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The following changes & fixes are being applied in the Thursday, October 13th at 10am PDT update.

[Shadow Ops: Battle Charge Chapter 2]

Earn parts for the War Barge Unique Unit! Beat the ShOps bases over the next 6 weeks to earn all 8 parts!

Get the gear needed to bring your Janissary to the next level in Shadow Ops! The Tech is within reach!

STARTS: October 14th at 10:00am PDT

ENDS: October 31st at 10AM PDT


Earn Honor from Player Base Engagements. Winning Honor improves your position on the Leaderboard. Reach higher Leaderboard Divisions to unlock more Medals and Blood Thorium.

STARTS: October 14th at 10:00am PDT

ENDS: October 18th at 10:00am PDT


Survive against waves of enemies using only your Heroes to win XP! Completing all four Showdown Bases grants a massive Bonus XP Prize and increases your XP Combo Boost. Stack multiple XP Combo Boosts on top of each other by Restarting Showdown and playing again! Unlock Base IV by defeating Bases I-III.

This Showdown you can earn the new Echo Hero, Arietta, her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tech, and Training Tokens! In addition, Forest and Braden are receiving new Renowned levels.


    • Talents

      • Level 6: Stat buff 

      • Level 10: Rangers spawn more frequently.


    • Talents

      • Level 6: Stat buff (Hero Tag Lost)

      • Level 10: Decreased damage taken from distance.

STARTS: October 21st at 10:00am PDT

ENDS: October 24th at 10:00am PDT

*Briefing available Wednesday the 19th.

[Gear Store Update]

Joining the Gear Store this month is the Commandant along with all its Bronze and Silver Tech.

Joining the Blood Thorium Exchange is new Tech for the Legendary Halcyon. You can unlock the tech for all your Legendary Halcyon’s for a single purchase of 5 BT a piece.

Agile Rotor

Effect(s): Increases Movement Speed, Turnspeed, and Acceleration by 100%.

Slot: Private

Rarity: Bronze

Hard Cockpit

Effect(s): Adds 50% Damage Reduction from All Sources.

Slot: Captain

Rarity: Silver

Reflex Gearbox

Effect(s): Adds 360 Move and Shoot, and can target air units.

Slot: Commander

Rarity: Gold

  • General Fixes and Improvements

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