pegasus parts

why are we not getting the parts when we take  the basses and I checked in the vehicle building 
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    the Pegasus bases are on the map now

    you need to hit the Peggy I base first,

     then the Peggy II for the parts

    there are no elite bases available

    you also need to look into the tech center, under the vehicles tab to see how many parts you have

    to make it, open war factory and under the vehicles tab 

    yes, it is air, BUT ... it is special classified as vehicles because we can only add vehicles and infantry to base defense

    good luck
  • I just hit a norm peg and no reward I have hit enough of them by now and I should have all of the parts as well but I have nothing . when are we going to get the parts and the unit ??
    tia Bug
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    So you are saying  you have hit and defeated the 2 bases Fitz has posted and still not showing up in your tech center/war factory..   IF this is the case then you will need to put in a ticket so CS can look at your account.

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