Stacking Specials (Hidden Rules)

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i want to let you know that the players are not happy with the new rules you are implementing without warrant. I have been playing for many years an i know very well how the "Stacking Specials" rules apply and work. example, you cant stack double thrusters, or double optics, or double weapon speed buffs etc etc etc. no "Doubling" up on speacials hence the name "Stacking". now with the new Tier 11 specials. you are creating rules that do not exist.  you wont let us use other weapon specials with the new T11 specials. example. using overload conductors and trying to add tier 1 tech focused appatures or ion optics or anything at all the game will tell you "you can not stack specials". HOWEVER, there is nothing doubling up or stacking. it is a lie. you are just enforcing this because you "feel like it". this is unnacceptable behaviour by you kixeye. you need to play by your own rules about stacking an using specials in combination with the others. we have been blending specials for 10 years and now all a sudden you just tell us NO!. there is no reason, no rules, nothing stopping us from combining an using multiple specials together other than , you just decided we cant even though there is nothing that says we cant. please stop making up rules on the fly to suit your desires. we all play by the same rules and i think you should also play by your own rules you force us to play by. 

unlock the ability to use multiple specials together with Tier 11 specials as long as they are not "stacking" which at this point in time they are NOT stacking and you are enforcing a rules that dosent exist.

Thanks for hearing me out.
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    Good luck getting a response I posted about this long ago and others have  also here and on discord but it never gets a response from Kixeye explaining if its a bug or intended
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    If the players don’t like something then it is “intended”, if Kix doesn’t like something it is “a bug”…
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    there is no one working at KIX headquarter, and she is on vacation 
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