Viral and Fusion Turrets Together

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Destroyer of Worlds
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I was trying to see if anyone knew it you used fusion and viral together would it deal 500% total damage to delta fireteam and its drones, or do they only do 200% to the unit itself and 300% to the drones, or 200% to the unit itself until the drones dies, and only does the damage of the set turret then 300% to the unit itself after the drones are dead?

  • lolwut1337
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    I ran a test of a level 4 bouncing turret betty (BB in short) against a level 10 persuers 

    Here's the result
    BB with level 5 viral support turret (200% damage redirected to parent unit) : 32 shots on one drone to kill
    BB with level 5 fusion support turret (+300%  damage against unique ) : 17 shots on main unit to kill
    BB with both level 5 viral and level 5 fusion support turrets : 8 shots on one drone to kill

    The effects of both support turrets do stack, multiplicatively, up to 800% base damage.
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    I have plenty of mini guns to spare and was all excited to build turrets back when I though it was other live players who raided you, no AIs. But turrets won’t shoot zombies right ? So does building them really help or do anything ??

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