Legacy Units Update: Bringing the Old Classics back into the Modern World of War Commander

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There are no New Players really speaking, just people who may click on the Create Account Button, play for a few minutes, and then realise how they are so insignificant that they just Quit or Hack or Beg.

So, I have a suggestion: Taking our Old Classics and Updating them into New and Better Units.

Starting with our approach. For this I will look at the Classic Stats.
Elite Rhino Main Battle Tank (Level 16 - Current MAX Level)
Speed: 1.5
HP: 5,600
Range: 370
DPS: 1,199
Size: 60

We could add a couple more Levels to Level out at Level 20.
We could also call them Renowned Units if we'd like once they reached Level 20.

Method 1
Tech Centre, Academy, and Hanger.
All of these can be used as a means of the player giving their 'Renowned' Units the boost they need.
Using a Percentage (%) Based system, we can allow these buildings to Boost Stats in Combat.

Using our Rhino Tank as the example, we'd be wanting to Upgrade the Tech Centre.
Most Players have got Maximum Level Tech Centres if they've been playing for long enough.
However, we're not talking about Old Timers, we want New Players.
There are a Total of 20 Levels for the Tech Centre, and we want something clear and Linear.
Each Level adds:
+10% to Base Health Points
+0.01% to Range
+2.5% to Base Damage Per Second
These multipliers would apply to all Legacy Units Only.
For some idea of Scale over a Maximum Upgraded Scale, let's do a little bit of Maths.

Level 16 Elite Rhino Main Battle Tank
Level 20 Technology Development Centre
Speed: 1.5
HP: 65,000 x 200 = 1,300,000
Range: 370 x 1.20 = 444
DPS: 1,199 x 50 = 59,950
Size: 60

Method 2
Not much different, we just use the Armoury instead, the numbers don't really change much.
The Armoury has 30 Levels as apposed to the Technology Development Centre.
So, we spread the Multipliers over those 30 Levels.

Well, we can use this same thing to Boost them too, just we need to use different Multipliers.
Obviously, the newer stuff is meant to be better, but by how much, we need to draw some sort of line.
Starting from the Top (Newest, and therefore Best):
Series 1
Generation IV
Generation III
Generation II
Generation I
Special Forces

We just want to narrow the Gaps so that New Players are not scared off just because some PvP Player decided to Solo Unit their Base.
With things as they currently are, let's use an extreme example.
Series 1 - Lightbringer
Legacy - Elite Hover Tank
Using what I can see, and keep things round

65,000,000 HP (Lightbringer Level 5) VS 13,680 DPS (Elite Hover Tank Level 16).
4,752 Elite Hover Tanks would be needed in order to kill a single Lightbringer in One Second.
This is assuming that the Lightbringer didn't shoot back.

With the New Boost System, only 96 would be required.
The Lightbringer would most likely still win if it was to fire back, but at least the Elite Hover Tanks would stand a Chance.
Besides, you can't deploy 96 Elite Hover Tanks anyway.

Anyone thinking about the Scorpion Tank (Level 11)...
34,807,400 HP sounds like a lot, but all the Series 1 Units have around Double that.
1,912,500 DPS is also not anywhere near as much as the Series 1 Units, as they have easily Double and even Triple that amount.

Thinking about the Nightowl (Level 15)...
75,000,000 HP OK, you might have a point, but the Echo still has more, as does the Dervish
2,346,650 DPS again is not much compared to Series 1 Aircraft which also have some Splash Damage

Aside from two Extreme Examples, this is a good idea.
Why? Because it would mean New Players could stand some chance at playing.
  • Rodrigo_Brasil
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    Great idea, I had already thought of something like this but I never made calculations
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    Well, let's make this a thing.

    I'm a bit bored seeing the same old faces.
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    It would be nice.
    These units frankly... Are inadequate.
  • Fred Divis
    Fred Divis
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    Its difficult  considering new players are 9 or 10 years of upgrading behind old players.
  • Joehansmm
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    I was thinking the same tning.. Legacy units could be bought back resizeing them to current units. and also increasing thier attck
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    Its difficult  considering new players are 9 or 10 years of upgrading behind old players.
    And the rest.
    Even people who've been off for an extended period don't stand a chance.
  • Rozain
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    i was away for 2 whole years and couldnt do level IV thor even though i elite sandstrom and some other powerfull toons of the era i can even imagine restarting all this thing over again and btw i am playing allmost a decade 
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    It would be nice to actually play the Game.
    Even with the Free Units that got given out, they can't really do a lot.

    The Lightbringer, a now useless unit, since its DPS can't keep up with the new stuff.
    The HP Pool is not enough in order to survive the new (even though they've been around a few months now) Shadow Ops Base Units.
    Those Blue Units have too much DPS considering what we're using to take them out.
    You can't even use the Lightbringer as a Base Cracker, as it's out-ranged by Base Denfence Systems.

    So, without begging, it's impossible to get by.
    I've been playing the Game without ANY Support, and have yet to actually do anything outside of just Upgrading.
    The Connection isn't great, since the Game Servers are frankly just junk.

    Sure, I don't have 100Gb/s Connection myself... However, I'm not trying to run a business, so why should I need 100Gb/s.
    I've got a 1Gb/s Connection that's using a Cat8 RJ-45 (Overkill considering the Router is Limited to 1Gb/s) of 1.8m long.
    The connection to the Game Servers is just not good enough to run the Game on.
    The constant Freezing that happens at 'Overly' convenient times as to wipe out all of your Units.
    Let's face it, is it actually possible to R.U.B.I. any of the Modern Bases using any of the current or past Tech/Units?

    The Legacy Units are what every Player starts with, and yet no Player can actually use them.
    I know a person who has all of the Legacy Units, and has them Maximum Level too.
    He'd like to use them, but can't.
    Unfortunately, being Online Every Single Day isn't realistic, and is impossible for us.
    However, the Game demands this to be the case.
    This is assuming that you can Beg your way into anything.
    The kicker is, PvP actually destroys the experience for those who've got nothing anyway.
    Only those in USA can play PvP properly without getting their connection throttled.
  • FuturistikNdVRz
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    give the scorchers from back in the day a nice little boost i still have some of those built in my storage lol (Elite Scorchers) not for pvp though cause wont get to use them that much ... they are nice ... should bring them back to the game or reintroduce . . . 
  • ulio.prudencia
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    I only partially agree, imo some peoples will always find something to complain about. Yes the game is very much unbalanced and if you're an occasional player it's hard to keep up. And as a new player you'll think it's going to take too long to upgrade. All are true. But what do you want to do? It is possible to get up to speed in a short time ( a few months ) but it will cost you some gold, and I think that's the main problem. It's a free game but that's not entirely true. The idea is to "try and buy". Even though it's not written explicitly. I think the game has evolved to a point where it's not as much fun to play without gold. 

    I'd like to see 2 things in the game:

    1. A much better balanced gold system. Some gold prices are just insane and doesn't make sense.  A cheaper and more balanced system will invite more peoples to spend more gold on a more regular basis. 
    2. Something like the old days where a player could not attack another player below certain level. It's very frustrating sometimes when the same high level player keeps attacking you day after day and you're such a low level you simply can't do anything about it. That's also one reason why many new or catching up players quit. Because that's just stupid to try something while being "bullied" all the time. 

    For the rest, some things improved of course but it's very difficult to get a well balanced game to satisfy a large group of players. You're always going to disappoint some players no matter what you do. 
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