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It has been a long time since BP has had an idea for a 100% ballistic hull.
The Beast is just that featuring : 5 heavy turret slots, 12 regular weapon slots, 8 armor slots, and 8 special slots.
Damage for the heavy weapons will be 900,000 per weapon.
Reload will be .5 seconds
The Beast will only have three hulls per fleet.
Each hull will have all the heavy cannons already built in with an unmatched maximum firing range of 0--150
The other 12 weapon slots will of course be from what ever BP wants to have the players get on their own. 
The Beast will have 1 slot for a complete ballistic CIC.
STATS for the Beast will have heavy weapon range of 200, other weapons will have ranges of 90.
Map speed will be 120, turning speed will be 150, combat speed will be 120. 
Armor points will begin at 15,000,000.
Build time will be no more than 12 days per hull.
The Beast will have no upgrading,
This new hull will have a new classification called : EXTREMES. This new classification will go hand in hand with
the Assault classification as far as raids / campaigns and player vs player.
I am hoping that many of you out there can and will help get this new idea going and have it presented to BP
with drawings , sad to say i am not an artist. 

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    The story revolves around a widowed father (Elba) and his two teenage daughters (Halley, Sava Jeffries) who find themselves hunted by a massive rogue lion intent on proving that the Savanna has but one apex predator.
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