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Thunder Snow
Thunder Snow
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Is there a way to play BP and WC on iphone 8 or ipad?  I heard puffin browser, but no luck there.  
  • Templar614
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    Not really. Neither game is supported for mobile play, so if you can manage to get it working then great, and if not, then it is what it is. And if there is an issue experienced while trying to play through Puffin or some other app then it is likely that support for that issue could be denied. And being a moderator I can't really recommend trying to play on a mobile device since they aren't supported.

    That said, I used to have an iPhone and at some point I remember finding something that basically said that Apple had blocked the portion of Puffin that was required to run the game from the iOS version. I am able to use it on Android now that I have changed phones, but while I had my iPhone I did not have a reliable way of being able to sign in.

    I do know that some people use apps like Teamviewer, or other remote control software to use their phone to remote into their computer at home and run the game that way. I do not have any experience with this though so am not sure what all is actually involved or how well it actually works.
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