Please bring Backyard Monsters back, please let people recreate it.

Yago Soroka
Yago Soroka
Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 1
Every to to 3 months I try to search info about the game, I try to recreate memories reading stuff in the wikia, etc. Please not just me but a lot of people would love to play this game again, we don't wanna play copycat game, we want the real BYM, the real monsters, the real building designs, the real mechanics, PLEASE! I see a lot of people passionate about BYM, why just abandon it? Please do something
  • Zorica62
    Joined Feb 2014 Posts: 1
    aye cant play how to gather resources when i cant attack anything because im level 2 

  • Daniel_F436
    Joined Jul 2022 Posts: 1
    Hey Yago, im also a super big fan of BYM, i already played it back in like 2012 or something, the hell-raiser event just came out when i was playing a few months. Afterwards it just got shut down and i havent played since. Just to discover now that the game somehow still worked even in 2020 until Flash-Player got shut down?

    Was i really missing over half of a decade playing this game? 

    I would even pay to play haha - like some people do for world of warcraft. 

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