game unbalanced

sam heslep
sam heslep
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im a mid 60's base level and with these conquest free fleets kixeye gave out,there's no way to defend.the weapons that are able to get dont do off balance.
  • Your_shadow
    Unicorn Overlord
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    Have you got the free Brute fleet? Use that to grab tech in the FM (tierss 1, 3) They gave away a Heavy Cruiser fleet recently also.
    Have you got the free Conq fleet yourself? Use that in Bounty to get PvP tech.
    You're L70, & if you plan well, at L80, you should be hurting the big boys & their toys.
    However, in BP land, level means nothing, & you do have to put in the work. 
    Don't be shy to ask people in your sector for help with co-op campaigns.
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