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UnityGame Doc
UnityGame Doc
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Backyard Monsters would be a big hit even today.
It would be great if the KIXEYE released a new one.
What everyone thinks? What new things should be added to the classic game?
  • KrisK
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    They tried that once, and it failed.  As much as I miss the original game, I doubt they'll give it a 3rd chance.
  • ItsLazor
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    It's not like they gave it a 2nd chance. Backyard unleashed was created to fail. The mobile version would never be better than the online pc version we had. They should have just keep on working on the game or make a new pc version from it.

  • Thane Mantis
    Thane Mantis
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    Honestly, they should (and absolutely could) have just made a mobile client for the game. Would have probably been way smarter. Old players could now enjoy the classic game on the go, and new players could find a mobile RTS to get stuck into like alot of folks were probably getting stuck into with Clash of Clans which came out the year prior, which BYM:U was likely made in response too as well.

    But, alas, this is KIXEYE, and shoddy management of their games is kind of their specialty. So of course they didn't do this. It's too bad. Backyard Monsters was the pinnacle of their works and pretty much the game that made them a company at the start.
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