Revamp SubSector Bases

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Here's an idea.  

Eliminate ALL Uranium targets from the map and only use the SubSector Base for Uranium.  One hit fills your uranium quota. 

Eliminate ALL Base Part targets from the map and only use the SubSector Base for Base Parts, again, One hit fills your base parts quota.  

Eliminate all Titanium targets from the map and ADD Titanium to a SubSector Base wing to get all the titanium quota for your base.

Eliminate ALL Cargos from the map and ADD a Resource wing to the SubSector Base to fill up all your resource quota for your base.

There are 2 empty wings on the SubSector Bases already.  This would eliminate all duplicate targets and clean up the map considerably.

Second Idea.

Eliminate alliance points from Cargos.  Make it so that hitting ANY base would give you alliance points whether they are in an alliance or not.  As it is now, non alliance bases rarely get hit.  This would add the PvP element that obviously Kix is looking for.  If Kix wants they could add all non alliance bases into a Kixeye Alliance.

Make all bases 1 - 99  at +/-  5 or 10 levels to attack
Make all bases over level 100 open to anyone to attack  above level 99

  • Admiral_Evens
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    Sounds like a great idea.  It would definitely eliminate a lot of clutter on the map.  Utilize the sub sector bases better for sure.
  • ronald.evens
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    Can't argue with logic.  
  • Ron Flags
    Ron Flags
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    Kixeye already gave us all the free fleets to attack these targets, so what difference does it make if we only have sub bases to hit.
  • Cardman1
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    That would mean taking sector theat away too cargo and deports build that up to open sub sectors bases
  • Blackbeard III
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    Ya, know that old saying about being asking for things, sometimes you get given something you didn't want, just because you opened your trap..

    "Let's revamp SSRBs, the players ask, & kix goes "Great item, let's revamp them for latest fleet @ X1"

    You know there's a reason for the map targets?

    Have you ever seen SSRBs open during raids? Oh, wait, the OP didn't think about that, did he?

    & to show how out of touch he is with the game, ACTIVE players are coming into the game at L61-62, after redeeming Kix gifts of fleets, base tech & base upgrades (Bases that are below that level on the map haven't redeemed said gifts)
  • myersey
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    maybe we should get rid of the SSRBs instead and the Mega ships and it's house outside our base, most don't want them anyway.

  • MalcolmR
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    What??  You mean you don't like to look at a map full of targets stacked on top of each other and the player bases?  Blasphemy!  Besides, these ideas would only benefit the players and not put any $$ in Kixeye's coffers and why would they want to do that? lol

    Seriously though, forcing people into an alliance would be a bad idea.  If solo players cared about alliances, they would be in an alliance.  I can get on board with the other ideas, but Kixeye said long ago they were done with the 'coming soon' ssrb quadrants so doubt we will ever see any further changes there.
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