Adrian Macovei 22
Adrian Macovei 22
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Hi! I am new on game and i need the link to WC Discord please. 
  • Adel-Tech
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    the most dangerous commanders are those who you know nothing about

    Useful Links: Discord , YouTube

  • Aage Jepsen
    Aage Jepsen
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    Adel-Tech said:
    Hi Adel-Tech/kixeye...  wonder is kixeye want to" [ANNOUNCEMENT] FORUMS MIGRATING TO DISCORD NOVEMBER 15th"I have uninstalled Discord, it's just another extra platform for something that actually works. why all those platforms, it's not enough we use this one. you want Closing this kixeye forum.? or is it to remove some DATA over on another server? what is the reason.? if we use too much unnecessary space/space for DATA, volumen it down. I don't think the players follow.! somewhere it is spreading out DATA instead of having it collected. I myself have tried to delete old posts (topics) that are irrelevant, I can't. or I haven't understood how to do it.
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