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Clive Whittington
Clive Whittington
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i have been playing BP 7 years , one of my friends that in my alliance that i have known for a long time can see what i am writing , but i cant see any responses from him , this has been ongoing for 2 months now , i have put a ticket in and they said it might be something to do with emojs , i got no idea how to solve this issue , i have tried blocking him and unblocking him , i have tried unfriending him then refriending ,  nothing works , what ever he writes i cannot see on alli chat or sector chat , surely someone must have an answer PLEASE
  • Panis9
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    type /list in chat to see blocklist and remove blocked users.
  • KrisK
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    If your friend is using emojis and you can't see them, the computer you're using probably doesn't have the required specs to make them visible.
  • mauijewels
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    It happens when you try and send emojis thru pms. It will just eventually reset itself. Meanwhile you cant chat on pms with him 

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