Old player returning (got some new gear and fairly active)

MIss Nekoyaa
MIss Nekoyaa
Potential Threat
Joined Apr 2015 Posts: 36
Old clan all quit along with me a few years ago but ive game back within the past two weeks, speak eng and dont use fb

Looking for new active clans, current level 45 about to hit 46
  • twinmav
    Joined May 2018 Posts: 17
    Maybe you can try the Clan I'm with.  MISFITS.  You'll Have to talk to Abe and Or Kelly.  They are the Leaders of the Clan. As far as I can tell,  MISFITS Is pretty Active.  I Just Recently Came Over to this group within these last 2 Months.   Some of us are in sector 166.  But so far from what I see,  Alot of MISFITS are pretty nice and Friendly.  I hope this helps some. 

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