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Philippe Cyr
Philippe Cyr
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The other morning while sailing the High Seas I was thinking  how can BP be more helpful to players who usually can't spend money or refuse to. My idea involves a Level up bonus system where players get 100 gold every level and 500 gold every 5 levels. Also a login bonus that gives Limited Blueprints, tokens and gold among other.
Another suggestion is the fleet screen on the world map does get annoying  at times as if you have more than 5 fleets out it can be hard to manage. My idea would be to put it a the botton with all fleets  shown 
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    Level-up bonuses would never happen. 

    A: high tier tech gained & built can level folks up quite well. 

    B: it would be abused by people starting/stopping a res-intensive hull build, every time the build is stopped, the res is refunded, & goes towards base xp (333 res = 1 base xp)

    So imagne how much Kix would lose by a single, full, alliance abusing that system, to, oh, 10 levels?

    100 members x 8 x L1 bonuses + 2 x L5 bonuses = 1,800 coin per alli member = 180,000 coin lost by Kix based on ONE outfit abusing the system you have suggested.

    Best we eevr got was the 12 days of Kixmas, Kix ain't gunna spend jack schitt on trying to retain players. Game is going down the gurgler, sooner people wake up to that fact, the better.
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    It would be better if they did the daily log in system  start with day 1. random crew. day 2. 1 Star crew random, Day 3 10000 of one special resource ( can overfill). Day 4. random 2 star crew Day 5. Random 3-4 tokens either build or repair 1 hr each. Day 6. Random 3 star crew day 7, 5-20 gold or chance at 1 day build token ship or structure?   
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    I like the idea of fleets on the bottom. I don't think Kix would consider any of the rest however, 
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