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What is the purpose of the foundry? How to use it?
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    It used to be a gateway to unlocking hulls & upgrading them a bit, but they're VERY old hulls (another feature of the game that started with promise, but fell to the wayside as it wasn't generating coin for Kix)

    However there's something else in the Foundry that many will have forgotten, & that it's the means to unlock your Mega hull-click on the Mega tab, & if you've done the required objectives in Research & Development, you'll find you can build your Gantry.

    Once your Gantry is done, you can kick off your Mega. Why, you may ask, do you want a Mega hull? It's true that some on Forums want to scrap theirs, but if only for one reason is it even slightly useful:

    It allows the production of Conqueror-class VXP tokens via the OP.
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