Why are the so called experts even employed

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Can't believe how poor the so called experts are on this game, what are other opinions of customer support, or do they all lie and close threads without sorting it, after giving incorrect advice. Then not sending the report when requested to a Kixeye employee to hide their incompetence. 
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    • To filter out the simple stuff so the account based issues can be dealt with quicker. 
    • Experts can't close tickets, if you respond it stays open. 
    • The Experts answer a LOT of tickets, sometimes they get it wrong. If this happens, politely respond and detail your concerns clearly. 
    • CS can see ALL tickets, answered or not. There's no hiding from Kixeye. 

    I'm closing this as answered as we don't need a thread full of support opinions. If you've got feedback, send a ticket. 
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