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Hey everyone 

I grabbed a lot of tech for the brute in the last raid, and have done my build however it is really struggling in the 213/223s. (Maybe like an hour or so damage each time) so not too bad however i'm sure it could be lower. 

Now this is what my current setup is. (I have split my armour like that along all 4 ships because it seemed the better option to me) however starting to think that might not be the case? I did claim all new armour I could from the raid so I have 6 pieces of it, Would a better option be to just stick 3 sets of new armour per brute? ( I wouldn't have enough in that case) but that can be worked on 

Is it just the fact that the galea system is not as good as the pterion something or other defence system? 

Any advice would be good in terms of armour changes/Specials changes if I have them (I don't have the pterion defence system though) 

PS:It could just be my driving but I'm told just keep moving is the best way. 

Thanks people :)

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