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Ok so it's been suggested many many times to move the upgrading of hulls to the retrofit lab, I was one of them and a reasonable explanation was given as to why they don't do it. Totally 100% on board with that. So new suggestion, how about adding just the ship classes (instead of individual hulls) to the retrofit lab so that we can research each class to allow things like max weight increases for example? Or you could introduce something like, add in multi class weapons and specials meant for a specific hull class but could also be used on different class ships but first needs to be researched in the retrofit lab before they can be equipped to another class? As another example, you could then also research for upgrade the different hull classes to accept these new weapons and specials. Just trying to suggest ways to get out of this cookie cutter rut the game seems to have fallen into. I like to play with old hulls to see what I can come up with before they are completely obsolete. It's disheartening to to think that my Ronin's (9.5 tier) are being replaced so quickly by the Assassins (10.5 tier) when there is so much more we can do with the Ronin's. Constructive thoughts?
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    Even more disheartening when you realise the Harbringers were in between Ronin & Assassins..

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    While in the ship designer, they could also build a simulator. Allow you to build a ship instantly and attack a target (in simulation mode). This way you can see your build in action before you build it. It would allow you to swap out your specials and everything before you start your build and see if it's what you want or a piece of crap.
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