Combining 2 bases

Thrain the Seal
Thrain the Seal
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I have 1 account on Kixeye. I started playing battle pirates through the facebook app, and when I did decide to start playing through kixeye i used the button at the top right corner of my screen to access kixeyes main page using my facebook credentials. Now when i log into facebook, i have one base at lvl 77. but when i log into kixeye using the same login information I have a completely different base, complete with different fleets, tech, and limited blueprints. Does anyone know if it is possible to have both bases combined into 1? I am asking as both are existent on the same account, have the same login information and email association, and yet are different. I have put time into both of them, and would like to avoid losing the tech and limited bp from either. I put a ticket into support over this, and included various screenshots to help with the verification. Am I chasing pipe dreams?
-Thrain the Fat Seal
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