need customer support help

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hi I can't access support, comes up i haven't bought $50 gold. but I have. Needing help with purchase in Bounty ,Bought a Abom but it doesn't show in my inventory.. help Please .
  • Nexahs
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    Did you buy the skin or the hull?
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  • MillionDlrBil
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    I've passed up your concerns to the team, someone will check into it for you as soon as they can. 
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  • BugThePirate
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    TY been delt with

  • barrder
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    I logged on to this morning to find my profile gone and level from 141 to 61 Help
  • david.thirlwall.3
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    Guys I need help? I can no longer send a ticket because 1. it says I have not spent enough coin. this is untrue and second I got a automatic reply saying I am permanently banned from contacting support? wth is that all about?? can someone help me please?
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