bases names

Potential Threat
Joined Nov 2014 Posts: 60
l know this is a game but should bases names like  l-just taped your mother  be aloud as some people may have lost their mother or bases like l just humped your sis l think that kixeye need to look at this as you can not put up words like S h i tcan you

  • Harry.Semento
    Joined Jul 2011 Posts: 21
    please leave r game alone karen and go play candy crush thanks people pay alot of money to play this game and stillfront needs to consider who their bread and butter r this 1 person or the whole community 
  • george.gdoviak
    Joined Sep 2020 Posts: 3
    arent there more important things to worry about than names in a fake pirate game
  • captBob
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 7
    Kixeyeuser is right who give's a crap if you pay lots of money. Kixeye has always said this is a family game or they use to some of these names are inappropriate name for younger players. So Harry what I'm saying is pull your head out your ****. Your not the only one that plays and pays.
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