Improved shipyard search engine - golden results listing

What If ..
you would try to build the best evade thank flag ship ever ?

Evade upgrade ?
Agility System ?
Hyper-3D ?

Why not be able to search for it ?

And get the list of ALL specials (or armours or weapons, depending what i first selected on the hull) having that particular i am looking for ?
All of it, attack / defence / Movement / special abilities / Misc ... all items related to the characteristic i am looking for now.
Could it be Splash or Evade or Turn Speed or reload time or Stack or "Sweet&Sour" ...
You name it !
If it is a characteristic of at least 1 component that can equip my boat,
I should be able to search for that characteristic
get a 100% complete list of all the components having that very characteristic
and make then my choice of what best suits my build. 

Not only some pre-build lists already in the game (by the way, they also need to be fixed as not accurate)
not only by an item name,
by all characteristics that make a build the best build i can get.

How else will i find out or remember that
the Siege Mortar D-75V has a bonus combat speed + 10%
Because i watched a youtube about the Damocles 2021 Raid and that fancy evade tank ? (tks by the way, great job guys)

Or that the Synthonite Armor D5-EV has nice evade (12) and speed (7) and turn (7) bonus ? (could work for an Abo U1 to enter a base ?, maybe ...)
How else ?

Wouldn't that be fabulous :) 

Tks a lot ! 

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