Fifth Fretensis (M5 Executor Dreadnought Target)

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The M5 Executor Dreadnought target is now live! They're distinguished by their L190 tag, whereas the previous levels will continue to drop their respective fragments and will move to the Liberatus Imperium DS sector, while these new L190 targets will spawn in both Residential and Liberatus DS sectors. The M5 upgrade provides access to an second Spawner slot and boosts the shield recharge rate to 10%, while boosting up its other stats and Overdrives. The M5 Executor credit consumes 640,694,342 Ore and takes up 4D 3H of your time.

  • The L190 Liberatus Magistrate will drop 6-14 M5 patterns. It contains six M6 Bucklers, six M6 Plumbatas, one M6 Broadsider, 12 M3 Optiones, one M6 Preceptor and one M1 Aquilifier, split into three sections.

    The target retains the same layout as the preceding target, but all ships deal more damage, making the target very lethal. Beware the Plumbatas in particular, since the Needles they are equipped with can put a big dent against your ships. The use of Meta Nano Shields (Ternary Shield) is highly recommended, to shield yourself from the variety of weapons the fleet uses, especially against the Aquilifer. Using the new Rift Drive can also be essential in getting your Spectre ships into Prime Shift much sooner, turning the tide in your favor.

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    Kixeye need to stop buffing these fleets it is beyond the point and makes the game no fun, yesterday I was using 2 fleets and one was getting 5% a hit and the other a m4 Executor was getting 1 to 2%, then 8 hours later my first fleet was loosing ships after just just one hit and the Executor was taking 4-5% damage, then today just using the Executor the ship was at 15% health after just 2 hits 
           Those ships are silly the people would need to be the size of ants to use them.
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