loking for a clan

matej 1
matej 1
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Hello all
I am old expert player who loking for a clan to rest a bit because i have a lot of work and i cant play active like i play before
I am loking for neutral clan.. I dont like alliance and i dont like rules..
When i am online i can help player with bases..
I have 3 players with me ,,

  • KrijgTochTypeGriep
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    if you **** too sector 200 i can invite you in mijn clan  i am sitting here over  5 jaers now and allone so pretty neutral i think 
    goeiemoggeltienkiloinktvip ik ben een kaaskop wat een hekel heeft aan kopkaas :p 
  • covidsucks2020
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    The biggest problem is probably finding a neutral clan these days. The down side to a neutral clan is they usually become targets of both sides. 

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