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For years we have been asking and for years we have been ignored, hence the game play went from serious to casual. Why do i need an inventory of all my tokens of ships I will never build ?? Please let us donate these to younger players that could actually use the 1 day build tokens. I am not going to build any more Saturns but I have like 23 build tokens. Also why can i not click on my library of boat enhancements and remove the pieces I would never build, nope need to scroll through 200 build pieces only to loose my train of thought. Please let us enable or disable certain game pieces. I am not going to uses storage of 5000 on any of my ships nor am i going to build a 100 pound artillery piece when everything is now at 100K weight. Anyways thanks for not listening as you will probably loose some more more players this week and next week.
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    I have gone from "full-time" player... of around 20 plus hours a week to a "casual look in and shrug" player that logs in, looks around and logs off.
    i dont have the latest toys that are going to be out of date in a month or two. I wont be puttng any more coins on my base, to ease my monthly raid. I dont have the required fleets to do the "chores" like titanium and uranium andsuch. as i feel the need, i will trash my "old" fleets. just keeping lvl 9 and up. and once they are gone... so am i.
    i came for the banter, the cameraderie the fun. all that has gone. it has been bled out of the game. a death of a thousand cuts. and we are all nearly dry.
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