Faction choices

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I Pretty much have all the  units.    What  do you think is  the best  faction and why?
  • Gudari43
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    I've tried Survivors and Sentinels factions.  Survivors faction good for low cost (quantity over quality) and war lust damage boost.  Sentinels faction has the advantage of devotion and units much stronger.  I havent't tried Corpus faction, but adaptive defenses appealing to cap damage.
  • Hazelnut38
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    Corpus is basically the tactical guys, can't be 1 shot, got so many options to protect their units, the works.

    Sentinels are the pvp meta faction. High health, high damage, can't be shocked, confused, concussed, turncoated, etc

    Aaand survivors are basically that faction that goes yolo xD
    For every unit killed and/or lost their warlust increases which increases their damage up to 100%

    Professional Fangirl uwu
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    hi guy is 
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    I base my decision of the units I use most. so when i used devs alot it was sentinels, dopps are survivors etc. Doesn't it say you get boosts when using units from the faction you have chosen? Seems like thats how i read it and so thats how i choose my faction. I change it as my usage or needs evolve in the game. 
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