How to defeat Omega Harbinger Base?

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I am having problems collecting parts for Omega Harbinger.  Any suggestions on how to defeat the Omega Harbinger Base?  It's the Omega Harbinger itself that I just can't beat.
  • Ladder_10
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     I used Nick before I had Dervishes.

    Check youtube.
  • jla051013
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    if you have hive and Bounty hunter use it, the drones and decoy  will distract the OHB, that's the time focus nick or matt to OHB.
  • lordwatermelon
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    The easiest strategy is to flatten the base first and then deploy an Ares and rush towards the Omega Harbinger then go right under it. Since the Omega Harbinger has a blind spot down below, you can safely stay under it while firing away with your Ares without taking any damage. 
  • Bill Hartsia
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    Doppler to take down the base then Dervish with wingman to swarm Harbinger
  • timothy.griffe
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    Thanks for all your tips, they are very useful.

  • shane.k.nash
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    1 doppler for base and 4 dervish harbinger.   Add a couple of dopplers to make it faster if you want. Don't worry about damage its very little and I always stop after it goes to 1 part...  not worth the time for just one part since I still have to level up the elite to max. lol
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