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Kixeye needs to make a way where we can clear out the unused tokens give them a way or just tried them in My inventory is full of useless tokens I will never use and it's hard as hell to know what i have and don't have Kixeye should at least put them in a drop down tabs like build tokens in one, VXP in a drop down screen and the upgrade tokens in another at the top of inventory tab. In token inventory there are 6 tabs Hulls-Specific, Ships, Structure, Special (which has noting in it), Mega, & Foundry (That has nothing in it) why not just move the VXP, and Upgrade tokens to the two tabs that have nothing in them and change the name on the tab that would clear out some of t mess thats in the hulls-specific and change the name on it to Hull build tokens, I see a lot of stuff in game that could be used for the good of game Kixeye never does much with fixing the problems in game they just keep adding new hulls that don't last long. having tokens that don't get used and not getting all the ones we need is a pain in the rear. I something wish I could go it and change the set up on somethings to make them easier to understand
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