upgrades on base labs

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I just up graded my labs on base I thought for sure it would add something new to them like weapons, hull, adv, armor upgrades but nothing at all just speed up on builds, why not add new tech to them so we can upgrade the newer weapons. the ones in there now are from kixeye where they had dirt floors
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    I was just going to post something about the Retrofit Lab but I'll just add on to your thread. Was just poking around in my retrofit lab to work on some upgrades. Thought I might be really behind after an almost 4 year layoff and being back only 3 months but it looks like not a lot of if any of the new tech has been added in there for research. I agree that the labs need to be looked at right now and make some updates to them. Start adding more of the current items and updating the tech lists. 
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